10 Surprising Tips on traveling to Germany that will blow your mind

Are you planning a trip to Germany for the first time? Are you in search of some tips that will surely help you in this journey? Then you are at the right spot. Here I will inform you of 10 great tips on traveling to Germany.

Traveling to Germany is quite fascinating and exciting. Germany is a land of magnificent Rivers, Mountains, Castles, Historical places, Culture, and Art galleries. It’s completely alright to be a little confused about the country you are going to visit because their culture, language, civilization are considerably different from yours.

Here are 10 meaningful tips on traveling to Germany that will make your journey as flat as a pancake and will blow up your mind. These include compulsive information, tourist guidance, and fun facts about Germany. Even if you are planning to travel to Germany during Covid, these tips will come in handy for you. It’s time to travel to Germany through these 10 crucial tips.

Anyway, without wasting much time; let’s get into this;

1- Transportation features of Germany

Germany owns one of the world’s ultra-fine transport systems. You can travel either by train, bus or by taxi. There are different zones for the center of the city and remote areas. Confirm your zone before purchasing a ticket so that you may save money and don’t get charged for entering the invalid region.

Validate your pass before getting onto the train. As non-validation of the ticket is as offensive as having no ticket.

Pro tip: Check some group discounts on travel tickets before buying solo tickets as it’ll save you a hefty amount of money.

2- Have a little knowledge of German etiquette

Germans are stickers to the rules. You should know the code of conduct before visiting any country. You should not spoil the charm of your vacation and follow the rules obediently. Check the traffic lights carefully, while crossing the road. Otherwise, Ōma will smack her bag on your face and you’ll have to face desperate embarrassment. This is a fun fact that I found interesting and added in tips on traveling to Germany.

(Oma and Opa Polizei are names attributed to the Elder citizens of Germany as they consider everything cryptically and may enquire you).

Do not walk on the bike lane as they consider it severely terrible.

Pro tip: Jaywalking is highly offensive in Germany. Avoid it.

10 surprising tips to travel to germany
Photo by Dids from Pexels

3- Get your money back by Recycling

Recycling is like a culture for Germans. Pfand is the defined technique to recycle plastic, cans, and even glass. Almost every grocery store has a pfand basket at the entrance in which you can drop your bottles and get as good as 25 cents back. But they deduct this money from you when purchasing a bottle :p 

The rate for recycling glass is lesser than plastic. Airports also have these pfand baskets and enable the travelers to drop their recyclables and help the needy with this money.

Pro tip: Get your money back by recycling at airport, when you leave the Country.

4- Always have CASH with you

It would be rather strange that not every shop in Germany accepts credit cards. You’ve to pay cash to get anything. ATMs are also available at some distance, and you can cash your money anytime. Restrooms are not cheap in Germany. So, keep cash with you. CASH is a must-have if you want to travel to Germany. These tips on traveling to Germany will surely help you in the whole trip.

Pro tip: You should have some cents as cash with you.

wallet, credit cards, cash-908569.jpg

5- Grocery stores haul

When you visit grocery stores, don’t look flabbergasted when you see “Usain bolts” scanning your items so rapidly.

Well, I called the cashiers “Usain bolts” here because they’re so fast that you may have to do a warmup before going to the grocery store. Because you have to bag your stuff yourself. Take your shopping bags with you. If you don’t have one, then you may have to buy one.

Pro tip: Stock up before Sunday, because it is a day of rest in Germany, almost everything is closed and, you may have to survive hunger.

6- language ~ An important tip on traveling to Germany.

German is the national language of Germany.

Most of the people around tourist spots may understand English. But, to communicate with the elderly you need to know German. Many local shopkeepers may not understand English. So, you’ve to be on the safe side by communicating a bit in German.

Pro tip: learn a few common phrases in German like:

Can you help me?         können Sie mir helfen

Thank you                Danke

Do you speak English?     Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Nice to meet you.         Nett, Sie kennen zu lernen

7- Don’t take German punctuality lenient

German punctuality is not a joke. Don’t make lame excuses like traffic etc if you have committed to going. Always reach on time. It is preferable to stick out the desired destination at least 5 minutes before the commitment.

A German will never be late either it is traffic or any other situation. He’ll always reach in time, sometimes 10 minutes before. This is a great tip on traveling to Germany.

Pro Tip: Fulfil your commitments before the deadline to respect the Germans.

10 surprising tips to travel to germany

8- Be conscious of your voice while speaking

Germans speak in a lower voice. They don’t enjoy murmuring out loud. Communicating in loud noise is not appreciable in Germany, whereas speaking in a lower voice is like a culture.So, be conscious and check your voice while talking to anybody, if you don’t want to confront a sneering glance by Oma.

Pro tip: Always prepare yourself for speaking in a low voice before going out. This way you’ll be less prone to communicate in a noisy loud voice.

9- If you need Water, Pay for it

Water is not free of cost in Germany. If you require quenching your thirst, you’ve to pay for it. And before asking for water, confirm that you need Still water or Sparkling water. They will probably get you Sparkling Fizzy water if you don’t clearly state your need. So, be obvious and on the safe side.

Pro tip: Don’t look flabbergasted if they get you fizzy water without asking you.

10 surprising tips to travel to germany

10- Cloakrooms are for your convenience, Use them

There are cloakrooms or lockers at the entrance of museums. The cloakrooms are made for you, to put your luggage like coats, jackets, etc. So, you don’t have to take your luggage inside the museum. Their security is highly cautious.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid or obscure in using cloakrooms and don’t carry your luggage inside the museum unless you enjoy the vicious side-eye.

Ultimately, these are some amazing 10 tips on traveling to Germany that I compiled. These tips will help you whenever you are traveling to Germany. Whether it is in Covid’s situation or in normal circumstances. Germany is a highly recommended place for tourists in Europe. These 10 tips on traveling to Germany will come in handy for you.

May this vacation brings you a load of joy and endow you with mental peace and relaxation!

I hope this will help you in making your journey smoother.

Good luck with your vacation in Germany.

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