15 Reasons to Date a Golfer

In case you are a player your self, you are already aware a number of the qualities—physical, mental, emotional—that trigger success in the program. If you don’t golf, you might have formed thoughts from TV and motion pictures: it really is a boring video game, duffers drive about in carts, crazy people put clubs in to the lake, the men put on plaid trousers and amusing hats.

Save the stereotypes for your week-end hackers. The fact is, players who take the online game severely have actually numerous qualities that could convert really into internet dating connections. Consider these:

1. Players realize that handicaps are an integral part of life and other people must not be evaluated because of them.

2. They know that reliability contributes to wonder. That’s certainly correct with romantic relationships.

3. Players know how to manage disappointment … and plenty of it.

4. Their particular outlook should compete keenly against by themselves to enhance. You desire someone that is going to support you in every circumstances, and not contend with you.

5. Golf needs considerable focus and amount. These qualities result in achievements in other areas of existence.

6. Golfers strive for mental balance—a blend of energy and equanimity. Who wouldnot want that high quality in a dating partner?

7. They know how to make discussion. Only a little portion of a three to four time video game is spent whacking golf ball, generally there’s lots of time for small talk.

8. Golf stresses emotional resilience. As legend Bobby Jones said, “Golf is a casino game definitely starred on a five-inch course—the length betwixt your ears.”

9. Players understand that small situations (two-foot putts) matter just as much as large things (very long drives from the tee). Skilled lovers know the same thing.

10. They know there’ll be great days and bad times.

11. Players understand they have to forget about mistakes and proceed if they’re planning do well. That’s a principle for relationships besides.

12. Golf reinforces punctuality. Players just take tee time seriously. Actually, competition competitors are often disqualified if they are later.

13. You will end up released to a colorful brand new dialect. You will see words like “waggle” and “wormburner,” and you will discover that “overclubbing” doesn’t mean investing too much time at dancing sites.

14. Committed players have it the long term, since instantaneous success is rare. You definitely want somebody like this.

15. If you take up tennis also, you’re going to be expending hours collectively in clean park-like options. Perhaps not an awful method to nurture relationship.


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