Australia is a land of spectacular beauty. It is a dream destination with multicultural urban life, sand islands, centuries-old rainforests, and one of the world’s wonders (the Great Barrier Reef).

The quirky wildlife is undoubtedly one of the things to explore in Australia. With the friendliest and welcoming people, Australia is certainly a country on the bucket list for those who love to travel and are looking for some adventure.

Are you planning a trip to Australia? If yes, then this article is for you. It will help you plan your trip accordingly and will act as a tourist guide for you.

Note: To assist limit the spread of COVID-19, the Australian Government has imposed biosecurity precautions and travel restrictions. To learn about the latest updates on travel restrictions imposed in Australia amid Covid-19, kindly visit https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/travel-restrictions


Suppose you are planning epic things to do in Australia. In that case, do not forget to visit its fascinating national parks, lush green islands, and beaches with crystal-clear water. These fantastic spots will fuel all the adventure-loving souls. Moreover, to plan your dream tour to Australia, read further to learn the 5 best things to explore in Australia.

1.   Explore the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park – Mesmerizing Marine Life of Australia

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - Things to explore in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef, listed in the world Heritage, is undoubtedly one of the enormous living structures on earth. The barrier reef is so large that it is visible even from outer space. 

Established in 1975, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was built to save the delicate ecosystem. It includes 3,000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, 300 coral cays, and the mangrove islands. This Marine Park, being one of the wonders of nature, covers 2,300 kilometers on the East coast of Australia.  

Snorkeling and diving through this mesmerizing marine park feel great. The marine life, which includes different species of fish, dolphins, sharks, turtles, dugongs, and rays, etc., makes it one of the unique places to visit in Australia.

Suppose you don’t like to be in the water. In that case, the glass bottom boats and underwater marine stations provide a magnificent view.  

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2.   Visit the Romantic Sydney Opera House – Incredible Place to Explore in Australia

The Romantic Sydney Opera House.

Whenever we mention Sydney, the next word that comes to our mind is the Opera house. This great opera house is shell-like shaped. This famous building on Bennelong Point makes it to the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites. Sydney opera house is an icon of superb architecture with water surrounding its sides. 

There’s a reason why this opera house makes it to our list of unique places to visit in Australia. You can see great performances, eat at the restaurants or take a walking tour of this opera house, which offers studios, theaters, cinema, concert halls, and exhibition rooms. 

Suppose you love photography and want to take the best pictures of this heritage site. In that case, you can take some incredible shots of the opera house at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair site in the Royal Botanic garden. Or, if you want to make an extra yet fun effort, we suggest you hop on a ferry for the picture-perfect view.

3.   Take a Stroll Along The Magnificent Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge

Tourists’ one of the favorite things to explore in Australia is The Sydney Harbor Bridge. Sometimes called “the Coathanger,” this bridge never fails to catch the tourist’s attention. What’s more interesting about this bridge is that it is the world’s largest steel bridge. World’s renowned architects built this bridge in 1932, making it 40 years older than the Sydney opera house.

This bridge is 500 meters long, which connects the central business district to Sydney’s North Shore. It has a pedestrian path, two extended railway lines over the Harbor Bridge, and eight lanes to maintain traffic flow.

One of the most profound and adventurous things to do in Australia is to be at the top of the harbor bridge and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. Suppose you want to know more about this bridge and its construction. In that case, you can visit the museum located on the southeastern pier. Do you know that Paul Hogan, famous for Crocodile Dundee, worked on the bridge as a painter before reaching the heights of international fame?

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4.   Surf and Swim on Bondi Beach- Adventurous Things to Do in Australia

Bondi Beach - Things to explore in Australia.

Bondi Beach must be there if you are making a list of things to explore in Australia. Think about the bronzed bodies, walking barefoot on the blond sand, and surfing- yes, that’s what this fantastic beach offers. 

Located at the drive of just 15 minutes from the city center, Bondi Beach has one of the world’s oldest life-saving surf clubs. Bondi Beach is also an excellent spot for large crowds for celebrations like Christmas or New Year. Moreover, typical Australian activities that you can do here include a nice walk by the seaside and planning a picnic.

This place is not only a great resource to soak up the sunrays, but here you also get an opportunity to try some new things in Australia.

Shops, fantastic restaurants, and cafés are located a short distance from this famous coastal spot. Other attractions around Bondi beach include ocean pools, Sunday markets, and adventurous skate parks. 

Swimming in Bondi Beach is one of the adventurous things to do in Australia and one of the dangerous tasks. Tides are so strong that they often push even professional swimmers out to the sea. Thus, swimmers must stay near the flags.

Not only for spectacular beaches, like Egypt, Australia is also famous for its deserts. Listed below are Australia’s ten deserts that cover almost a fifth of the Country’s land.

  1. Tirari Desert
  2. Gibson Desert
  3. Pedirka Desert
  4. Tanami Desert
  5. Simpson Desert
  6. Strzelecki Desert
  7. Sturt Stony Desert
  8. Little Sandy Desert
  9. Great Sandy Desert
  10. Great Victoria Desert

5.   Spend Time with Kangaroos at The Kangaroo Island – Fun Thing to Explore in Australia

The Kangaroo Island, Australia.

Whenever we think of Australia, the animal that clicks in our mind is a kangaroo. Visiting the kangaroo island must be on the list of your things to explore in Australia. Located in the South of Australia, it is an island, which is full of incredible wildlife. You would see kangaroos hopping along the shores, penguins and sea lions playing in the clear water, and cute koalas clinging to the eucalyptus trees. You can also see sea dragons swimming in the mild waters of Kangaroo Island. 

If you are looking for adventurous things to do in Australia, then diving here would be great. The striking rock formations, aka remarkable rocks, are some of the unique features of Kangaroo Island.

Some typical Australian activities here would include hiking along the rising sea cliffs and the green forest. Food is another thing to explore in Australia, as there’s a heaven of delicious seafood, cream cheese, and Ligurian honey. The local restaurants in Australia offer a variety of mouthwatering dishes. 

Best Things to Explore in Australia – In Summary:

We hope that you find so many exciting things to explore in Australia. These unique dreamy spots will surely astound you with their magnificent view, quirky wildlife, and sandy beaches with soothing water. From typical Australian activities to epic things to do in Australia, this guide can help you discover so much about heaven on earth, aka Australia.

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