About Us

We are glad that you are here. We at outpost diary aim to provide the best possible information on different domains of life including traveling, health and self-help, and such stuff. Founders of this website launched it to provide the best possible results to all those who look here for answers. And we always do that with full responsibility. Muhammad Musa Mubashar and Muhammad Usman Iftikhar have founded this website in order to give the best possible results that you want.

Our team of Outpost Diary

Muhammad Musa Mubashar

Muhammad Musa Mubashar is the co-founder of this website. He is a veterinarian by Profession and a blogger by passion. He has a high-profile background in content writing which can be proven by his collaborations with high freelance companies with whom he has worked. He is also managing his own blog named Puffy Meows and NovicX. He is also mentoring children to polish their freelance writing skills.

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Muhammad Usman Iftikhar

Muhammad Usman Iftikhar is also a co-founder of this platform. He is a veterinarian and also does volunteer work. He has worked with a lot of NGO’s and some of the notable organizations he has ever worked with are UNICEF, Hult, and CLEP. He aims high and wants to collaborate the possible knowledge he has to others to share the pearls of wisdom.