Interesting journey on backpacking in Europe

If you’re lucky enough to go on a backpacking in Europe, it will change your life for the better. Sociologists think that college students benefit from this rite of passage because it helps them grow up faster. It doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is. You still have to decide what to bring with you to the next step.

backpacking in Europe
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Your Backpack Is a Way to Find Your Inner Mule

The first thing you need to remember is, of course, your bag. As long as you don’t need to buy the $10,000 Himalaya Turbo Pack, don’t buy the $12 blue light deal. We’ll talk about that in a second.

The best way to choose a backpack is to use three phone books at the same time. To get your equipment and supplies, swipe or borrow three yellow page books from your neighbors, friends, or enemies. Then, go to your local sporting goods store to buy your equipment and supplies during backpacking in Europe..

After you’ve looked through the books in the bookstore, pick out a few sturdy/cool/outrageous rigs to go with your books. You should put the phone books in the bag, tighten the straps, and go for a walk. Start running to make the salespeople feel like they’re in a rush on a train, ferry, or toilet. These steps should help you find the right pack in a short amount of time.

You may have seen other articles that talked about how to choose a backpack in a very scientific way. If you don’t hurry to get on the last ferry from Italy to Greece, you won’t know how to pack. This can be easily solved by running three phone book tests.

What you need to do while backpacking in Europe

There are a few mantras that everyone should say before they start their trip to Europe. The Oh-My-Back Monks of Southeast Asia were the first to come up with these chants, which are now used all over the world. They were well-known for going halfway to distant cities, turning around, and coming back home before going the full distance to the cities in question. Religious experts have said that these trips have a very important spiritual significance.

Later, the monks told them that the trips back and forth were caused by them forgetting something, most often whether or not they had turned off the ironing board. They were embarrassed. Such chants, on the other hand, have become a beacon of help for both novice and experienced backpackers.

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Let’s chant slowly and clearly, “I love you, I love you.”

It is my goal to only pack things that won’t make me hunch over like a Sherpa.

This is where the toothpaste and book and soap are. I’ll remember to pick them all up when I’m done.

Zippers always break, get snagged, or don’t work for me.

The speaker says that wearing clothes that are very wrinkled and not ironing them will teach me to be a little more humble.

“I will only bring one guidebook, not one for each country that I might go to,” I said. “I will only bring one guidebook, not one for each country that I might go to,” I said.

A lot of the things I bring with me will be lost or traded, or burned by the time I get home.

There are a lot of choices for female travelers (and, hey, a few male travelers, too).

She says, “I’m not taking high heels or a lot of make-up.”

No matter how many mantras you say, you won’t be instantly aware of the truth. Don’t worry about it. In the end, you can always throw things away or send them to your parents or friends or your parole officer in a box. As long as the backpacker is resourceful, he or she can send clothes that are smelly, wrinkly, or toxic to someone who has moved on. If you follow these simple rules, you will soon be happy to speak loudly to make sure that foreigners can understand what you are saying.

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It is the evidence that backs up what you say.

This is the part of the trip that most people find hard to understand. When you met the hunk Sven or babe Svenetta from Sweden on your trip, you had a romantic evening/danced the night away,/got arrested on Ios/Ibiza/at the airport. These memories will stay with you for a long time. You may not remember everything right away, but you will forget everything at some point during backpacking in Europe.

At three in the morning, even if you write down your contact information on the back of a coaster, napkin, or the back of your hand, you will forget or lose it, even if you write it down carefully. This is true even if you write it down on the back of a coaster, napkin, or the back of your hand. The coaster, napkin, or hand in question often makes it through the night, day, and weekend. The next day, the coaster, napkin, or hand is found in your already-torn backpack while backpacking in Europe..

As soon as you put an Oktoberfest mug, wet towel, or toothbrush in their place, they are quickly forgotten. The extra padding at the bottom of your pack was made to deal with the decomposition that will happen as a result of the decomposition. You still don’t have the information you used to have, and your future with Sven/Svenetta is also no longer in question.

Keep a diary or journal with you on your trip so you can properly write down the magical things that happen. Let me tell you: You won’t have to worry about that. You can burn it down later. Before you get married before your parents find out before you have kids. Water, beer, and even sweat can damage your journal. Keep a Nomad Travel Journal, of course, but whatever you do, make sure you have some kind of record of your trip. On the bus, train, or in a cell, you can write down how you got there and who you met.

People who read your journal with their nine kids on the porch will have a great time during their backpacking in Europe..

As long as you didn’t burn it, of course.