Where are Benelux countries located? A comprehensive guide to Benelux countries

Benelux is an economic union formed by three neighbouring monarchies. Where are Benelux countries located? – Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are listed in Benelux countries – that have joined together to form a single market. Despite long-standing relationships, each country’s capital has its own distinct characteristics that set it apart from the others.


where are benelux countries
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Holland’s capital is a freewheeling open city with magnificent architecture, attractive tree-lined canals, fantastic shopping, and kind and welcoming people to be found and is added to be a part in Benelux countries.

Transportation: how to get there and how to get away:

Schiphol Airport is one of the world’s busiest and most connected airports, serving over 100 destinations. Buses are inexpensive, and the railway, which has direct links to the United Kingdom, is really comfortable. There are additional ferries between the United Kingdom and Norway.

Cycling is the most convenient mode of transportation in Amsterdam. Walking is also an option due to the city’s compact nature. On the other hand, Amsterdam has a well-developed public transportation infrastructure that serves the majority of the city. Trams are convenient for getting around the inner city. Central Station serves as the city’s transportation centre, where tram, bus, rail, and metro lines all form a network in these Benelux countries.


The pleasant summers in Amsterdam convert the city into a city of outdoor activities. Winter, on the other hand, is a complete mess. There are torrential downpours. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain in the spring, you might not like the way the plants and trees in your city look.

From cheap motels to fancy hotels, there are a lot of places to stay.

Look for Amsterdam hotels on the internet to see what they have to offer, where they are, and how much they cost. This will help you plan your trip.

Events: What’s going on and what’s hot right now.

a list of the events

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They have people walk down the Holy Way in silence to remember the Miracle of Amsterdam. This event happens in March.

On Queen’s Day, April 30, there will be a free market, street celebrations, and live music in the streets.

There will be a National Windmill Day in May.

There is a huge arts festival called the Holland Event that runs from June to July in the country.

The Flower Parade takes place in September.

December 6 is the traditional Dutch date for Christmas.


benelux countries
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In the United States, Brussels is best known for being the home of the European Union and NATO. It’s true that the city has a lot more to offer than just meeting rooms and bureaucrats, though. Brussels has a lively and sophisticated vibe, which is shown in the city’s museums and galleries. It’s also a city that likes seafood, waffles, chocolate, truffles and also added in the list of Benelux countries.

Transportation is getting to and from the place.

Zaventem is the main airport in Brussels. Every 15 minutes, a train comes into the city to take the 25-minute journey to the centre. Buses and taxis can also be used to get around.

Brussel has two main train stations: Bruxelles Midi-Brussel Zuid and Bruxelles Central-Brussel Centraal. The Midi station is to the south of the city centre, and the Central station is in the middle of the city. A lot of smaller train stations can be found in the city of Brussels, as well. The Thalys trains, which travel at very high speeds, connect Brussels with Cologne, Paris, and Amsterdam. They also go to and from other cities.

Eurolines has buses that go to and from London Victoria. They go to and from Brussels.

Easy to get around: Brussels is a very easy place to get around. There are three metro lines, a lot of buses, and a lot of tram lines in the city. As far back as 2006, the city of Brussels also had short-term rentals for “cycloCity” bikes. As long as you keep in mind that Brussels has a lot of hills in Benelux countries.


When the weather is bad in Brussels, it can be gloomy and wet. In the hottest months of July and August, when the sun is out the most, the temperature is 22°C. Another time of year might be the wettest, though. Summer might be the wettest. It’s a bad time of year from November to March, when the temperature stays around freezing and there’s a lot of slush and ice all over the ground.

Accommodations range from cheap hotels to five-star hotels.

Look up hotels in Brussels on the internet to find out more about their availability, location, and prices, then book one that fits your needs.

Events: What’s going on and what’s hot right now.

It’s called Ommegang and it takes place in July. It’s in the form of a mediaeval procession across the Grand Place that is lit up at night. In August, you can see the floral carpet (on even-numbered years). As soon as May comes to a close, the city is shocked by the Brussels Jazz Marathon. During the summer, the Grand Place, the Sablon, and the Place Ste Catherine will all have free outdoor performances in the open air that you can watch.


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When you visit Luxembourg, it looks like a kingdom from a fairy tale. There are beautiful hamlets, lush farmland, and silver rivers. As a country that is in the middle of Europe, Luxembourg is the world’s only Grand Duchy and one of its most populous. It is on the border of Belgium, France, and Germany. It is the smallest country on the planet and also added in the list of Benelux countries, and it is also the only one that doesn’t have any land.

Transportation is getting to and from the place.

Luxembourg International Airport is about four miles outside of the city. It serves the whole country, so people can fly there. Flights go to and from London, Paris, Amsterdam, Zürich, and Frankfurt, as well as many other cities and Benelux countries.

Paris, Metz, Brussels, and Trier are all cities that can be reached by train.

Motorways from Metz, Brussels, and Trier are all connected to the ring road that goes around Luxembourg City, so you can get there by car.

All over the city, there is a bus system that runs through it. Most of these buses stop at the Hamilius and Station bus stations on their routes. Bus tickets are bought from the driver.

Bicycling in Luxembourg is a great way to see the country and most importantly the Benelux countries.


In general, the winters in Luxembourg are pleasant, but in January and February, the temperature can fall dangerously low, so be careful. Over 35 degrees Celsius reached in July and August, when the summer months are hot. In the spring and fall, the weather is pleasant, but there is a lot of rain, too.

Accommodations range from cheap hotels to five-star hotels.

When you search the internet, you can find out what hotels there are in Luxembourg, where they are, and how much they cost.

Events: What’s going on and what’s hot right now in Benelux countries.

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The birthday of the Grand Duchess is celebrated on January 23 with parades and fireworks, and it’s a big day.

Every year, on February 28, Burgsonndeg, which means “the end of winter” or “spring,” takes place.

This is how it works: The grand duke’s birthday is celebrated on June 23 with a public holiday.

In 1945, the Allies freed Europe. Liberation Day, which is celebrated on September 9, is a way to remember that.