Best places to see in Bangkok

Thailand has risen to become one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations in the last few years. It should be noted that this has also coincided with the exploding popularity of Thai cuisine throughout the world. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, is the primary entry point into the country, and it is where the vast majority of visitors to Thailand will arrive. Here are some of the best places to see in Bangkok.

Apart from the usual modern buildings of offices, hotels, and shopping centers, Bangkok is a very interesting city because it contains approximately 400 exotic Thai temples that stand out from the surrounding urban landscape and the usual modern buildings of offices, hotels, etc., and shopping centers. Let’s have a look at the best places to see in Bangkok.

Thai citizens in modern business attire and Buddhist monks in saffron robes can be seen walking the streets of Bangkok. Nonetheless, this is the case in a portion of Thailand. The traditional has been incorporated with the contemporary.

The traditional attractions, rather than the modern ones, distinguish Thailand as a magical destination. The temples are incredible sights that are simply unavailable in the western world. They appear to object that has popped out of an Asian fairy tale to greet you.

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The traffic, people, and pollution in Bangkok are all congested, as they are in many other large Asian cities. The air quality can be so bad that locals are seen walking around with surgical masks on their faces. For some visitors, particularly those from northern climates, the average annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (83 degrees Fahrenheit) can be a little uncomfortable when they are outside.

In addition, be aware that individuals on the streets will attempt to hustle tourists and direct them to their businesses and tours. However, unlike people in other parts of the world, Thais are courteous and do not engage in aggressive behavior. For example, when you arrive at an international airport, there will be persons throughout the terminal, including those at the taxi stand booths, who will be able to arrange taxi service to your hotel upon your arrival. Even though they are legitimate taxis, they will charge a higher rate than the cabs waiting outside the terminal.

At the hotels, the scenario is identical to that described above. Taxis standing at the main hotel doors appear to charge a higher rate than those waiting on the side streets, only a few steps farther down the street.

Rickshaw named tuk-tuk

best places to see in bangkok
Image by Oliver Klamt

The prices of the three-wheeled ‘tuk tuk’ vehicles also vary widely, so it is advisable to obtain quotations from several drivers rather than simply accepting the first one you see. Tuk-tuks, by the way, are a delightful mode of transportation that should be tried at least once while in Bangkok.

In addition, the city offers several public buses and river taxis, which are long boats that go through the city’s canal system. Traveling aboard one of these river taxis around the canals of what some refer to as the “Venice of the East” is a pleasant way to while away some time.

The Grand Palace is, without a doubt, the most popular tourist destination in Bangkok. The Emerald Buddha Chapel is located within this complex, which is enclosed by walls constructed in 1783 and comprises government buildings, royal houses, monuments, and other important sites.

Emerald buddha

The Emerald Buddha is housed in the Royal Chapel, which serves as the monarch’s personal chapel. The Buddha himself is essentially a single piece of jade, which rests on top of a golden altar as a centerpiece. Although it is not a massive Buddha, it is a really remarkable one.

According to reports, the Buddha’s garment, which is also made of gold, is changed on a seasonal basis. Several monuments dedicated to previous kings may be seen on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Throughout the building, enormous legendary scenes are presented on the walls. The colors used in the construction of the Grand Palace’s structures and monuments, which include gold and green, are particularly stunning also one the great sights in Bangkok.

Colors like gold and red are prominent, and the characteristically curled Thai roofs of the structures are meticulously detailed. Some of the interiors of these structures, with their spectacular chambers and halls that are utilized for various ceremonies and occasions, are equally as impressive as the exteriors. Certain of these rooms contain specific royal altars, which may be found in some of them.

Wat Pho, also known as the Shrine of the Reclining Buddha, is a temple that should not be missed. It is adorned with a massive Buddha who is lying on its side. It is even possible to see intricate designs on the soles of this Buddha’s feet. Other interesting temples to visit include Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) and Wat Benchamabophit (Temple of the Moon) (Marble Temple).

Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage services are available at the Wat Pho temple, and they are extremely popular with tourists. Thai massages are also available at other temples in the area, including Wat Mahathat and Wat Parinayok. Seeing the Royal Barges, which are longboats that are used for ceremonial purposes on the river, is also a pleasant experience. The attention to detail that has gone into decorating these boats is truly remarkable. We can add this in the best places to see in Bangkok.

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The Pasteur Institute’s Snake Farm, where poisonous snakes are fed on a daily basis, and visitors can watch handlers milk cobras for their venom, is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts. In addition, there is the largest Crocodile Farm in the world.

Thai kickboxing

great sights in bangkok
Image by Sasin Tipchai

Thai kickboxing, the national sport of Thailand, maybe witnessed in two separate venues in the capital. Both the Ratchadamnoen and Lumphini stadiums host activities throughout the week on a variety of different days in different locations. We can add this in the best places to see in Bangkok.

As a kind of cultural entertainment, Thai theatre and traditional dance are extremely entertaining to see. In addition to theatres, they may be found in some of the city’s most exclusive hotels and also one of the best places to see in Bangkok.

Shopping and jewelry

Bangkok offers excellent shopping options, particularly for jewelry, handicrafts, and textiles, which include silks and kinds of cotton, among other things. As in other Asian countries, merchants on the streets should expect to be able to negotiate pricing even in places where retail establishments have set prices, such as Singapore.

Tailors in Bangkok (Best places to see in Bangkok)

Bangkok, like Hong Kong, has a large number of bespoke tailors that can create suits, shirts, and gowns for clients within 24 hours of placing an order. Some companies may even bring the finished garments to your hotel at no additional cost.

There are several common rules of politeness in Thailand that should be adhered to by all visitors, including foreigners. The Thai royal family is venerated in this country, and no foreigner should ever say anything derogatory about the country’s monarchy, even if it is in jest. Entering temples should only be done if one is dressed appropriately in long pants or skirts. Shorts and shirts with bare shoulders are not permitted in the temple.

It is customary to take off one’s shoes before entering any temple. In Thailand, images and sculptures of Buddha and postcards depicting him are regarded sacred, and it is forbidden to climb on them or do anything else that would be deemed disrespectful. It is also frowned upon for men and women to express their affection in public places. We can add this in the best places to see in Bangkok.

Of course, this appears to be incomplete opposition to Bangkok’s well-known red light and adult entertainment districts, such as Patpong and Soi Cowboy. However, this is yet another example of the stark contrasts found throughout Thailand. We can consider this as one of the best places to see in Bangkok.

At last we can say that you may have known that what are the best places to see in Bangkok. The sights and sounds of Bangkok are worth spending a few days in the city before traveling to other parts of Thailand where there is less pollution and more beautiful natural scenery to see and experience. Bangkok has excellent air connections to other Asian destinations as well, making it a convenient stop on a larger tour of the region’s attractions.