Best places to visit in Pakistan in 2021

Travelling is the most pivotal part of life as it is the ideal approach to break out the bustling timetable. Travelling is a great tool to experience life in a divergent way. Indeed, it is a good remedy for different mental problems like anxiety, stress, and depression. Thus, it improves mental and physical well-being. We only have one life, and we should enjoy it at its best. That’s why I am recommending you the best places to visit in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of those few countries in the world which have crucial importance in view of their geographical and strategic position in the world. Pakistan is bestowed with a lot of perfectly natural and man-made places. It is a place that is known for its fields, mountain reaches, deserts and coastal belt.

For global communitarians, Pakistan is exceptionally demanding traveller keenness with fascinating beauty of the landscape, rich and heterogenous culture, historical heritage and places of religious importance.

Here is the cataloge (province vise) of different sites that must be visited in Pakistan.

Punjab Province

 Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan with a diversity of tourism places. It has been inhabited since ancient times due to its ancientness; there are many historical sites in this province to be visited. Here is the list of top tourist attractions in this region.

Katas Raj temple

It is one most visited place in the Punjab province of Pakistan.  This temple is located about 16 km away from Kallar Kahar present in the District of Chakwal. It is situated 40 km away from the city, Chakwal. The temple is a historic combination of seven ancient temples.

Badshahi Mosque

This Mosque is the second largest Mosque of the country that was made by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673 A.D. It is also the 8th largest Mosque in the world. This Mosque contains a small museum of tiny artefacts in it.

Badshahi Mosque Lahore (Best places to visit in Pakistan)
Photo by Muhammad Amer on Unsplash

Derawer fort

It is the most visited place of the Cholistan desert, which is 100 km away from Bahawalpur. This fort is the most majestic and sustained fort of Punjab.

Minar e Pakistan

It symbolizes Pakistan’s freedom located in Lahore on the other side of the Badshahi Mosque.

Wazir Khan Mosque

As Pakistan is a Muslim state and Islam is the religion of the state, there are many mosques present in it of great historical importance. The Mughals also built this Mosque.

Wazir Khan Masjid
Photo by Abuzar Xheikh on Unsplash

Rohtas Fort

It is located near the G.T Road. This fort carries great historical value. It was made by Afghan king Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century. So it is also considered as one of the best places to visit in Pakistan.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Here is the list of top visited places of KPK.

Malam Jabba

It is the only ski resort in Pakistan and one of the best-visited places in KPK, Pakistan. It comprises 2 Buddhist stupas, six monasteries that you would find around it.

Lake of Saif-ul-Malook

It is one of the top attractions and the most visited place in Pakistan. Once you see it, you will fall in love with the perfect natural scenario. The scene would compel you to pat your eyes twice to acknowledge reality. It is one of the best places to visit in the northern areas of Pakistan.


Nathiagali is located in the mid of Murree and Abbottabad.

Beautiful Valleys of KPK, Pakistan

Pakistan is bestowed with the most beautiful and magnificent valleys, here is the list of valleys.

  • Swat Valley
  • Kalash Valley
  • Shogran Valley
Photo by Faisal Arshed on Unsplash


Best places to visit in Pakistan in sindh include:

Quaid e Azam House Museum

So here is the house of the great founder of Pakistan, the great leader. The house was first bought in 1943 and lived in by the Quaid (M. ALI JINNAH) himself and his sister.

Sea view Karachi

The sea view is another fascinating place to be visited in Karachi, sticking to the water bodies. The sea view is spread over 2 km adorned with an arcade/amusement park. There are horse and camel riding and concealed benches for you to sit at. That is why sea view is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan.

Marina Club Karachi

Do you like water, ships, and boating? If yes, then Marina Club Karachi is the destination for you. It is adorned with the beauty of water and ships. Here you can get a ship on rent and can enjoy boating.

The National Museum of Pakistan

The National Museum holds unique compositions, relics, figures and models that portray the Pakistani culture and time of the past. The museum has 11 galleries containing things from the Indus valley civilization up to the new past.


Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and is administered by the Federal Government. The city carries tremendous importance due to its geography and beauty. It Is an attraction for many visitors and tourists. There are many fascinating places in this city to be visited. The list includes:

faisal mosque, culture, islam
  • Islamabad Zoo
  • Lok Virsa Museum
  • Margalla Hills
  • Murree Hills
  • Pir Sohawa
  • Rawal Lake
  • Lok Versa Museum
  • Shah Faisal Mosque


There are many interesting and beautiful places in Balochistan. Here is the list of places for tourists.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency, ziarat

Here is the residency of Father of the Nation in ziarat, a wooden cottage. Ziarat is the ideal spot to chill and unquestionably one of the top spots for vacations in Pakistan

Hannah Lake

It is present in Quetta and is usually the first place people visit when they go to Quetta. It is 18 km away from the city.

Bolan Valley

This place has historical importance and is present between two mountains. It was the place where the first railway line was established by the British.

Astola Island

It is also known as the “island of 7 hills’’. It is the largest island of Pakistan and is inhabited. Overall, it is a great tourist attraction indeed.

Points to keep in mind before visiting the best places inPakistan

  • Learn some phrases of National Language of Pakistan, i.e. Urdu
  • Be ready and pack accordingly
  • Respect Religious places
  • Take care of cultural sensitivities
  • Dress accordingly
  • Carry all your documents with you
  • Alcohol is prohibited in Pakistan


Pakistan is a beautiful and perfect natural country bestowed with many awful sceneries and sites. A lot of tourists come to visit these beautiful places in Pakistan every year. The country is bestowed with natural and historical riches.

There are valleys, parks, monuments, mosques, shrines, mountains, and many more.