A comprehensive Chapwani Private Island guide

It’s hard to believe that the beautiful Chapwani Private Island is real, but it is. To find a little piece of heaven, look no further. It is a small coral island that is less than a mile long and about 100 metres wide. On one side of the property, there is a lovely white sand beach. It is surrounded by little cove and sandy bays, as well as a crystal blue sea. It’s great to walk around the whole island at low tide so you can see the coral and all of the little bays and inlets.

However, even though Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, is only fifteen minutes by boat or a little more than a mile away, you feel like you are in another country.

Chapwani is known for its privacy and high-quality service. It only has room for twenty people at a time. This means there will be no crowds. The fact that it is a private island means that you won’t have to deal with beach hawkers or people who might be looking at you. This is a great thing in this Chapwani Private Island guide!

Everyone who stays on Chapwani has to make sure that transportation arrangements are made. The airport or the sea port will depend on where you are coming from. Everyone who wants to stay on Chapwani will need to get there by plane or boat from the airport or port. They will then board a boat to get there. A way to get around by boat is also available every day at 09.00 hrs and 16.30 hrs as an alternative. Mercury’s Restaurant, which is in front of the Old Dispensary in Stonetown, is where the boat docks. It leaves from there.

To get on the boat and to get to the island, you’ll need waterproof shoes in Chapwani Private Island.

In the southernmost point of the island, a jetty comes out of the water, and it welcomes you. It is a great thing in your Chapwani Private Island guide.

ACCOMMODATION in Chapwani Private Island

Ten bedrooms spread over five thatched bands are where you will stay. They are tucked away among coconut palms, mangrove trees, and even a baobab tree or two. You’ll find a big double bed inside, as well as soft cushions with hibiscus flowers on them. There’s also a mosquito net over the bed. With bright African designs, they have antiques from the area as well as a ceiling fan! There is enough space for a crib or another bed.

Bathroom with sink, shelves, and separate toilet is in the back. Keep in mind that the bathrooms are nice, with a deep bath but no plug, and an open-plan hand shower. A solar heater now means that hot water is available, but keep in mind that there is no fresh water on the island, so don’t use too much.

Because the generator that runs the Lodge is turned off at night, the ceiling fans will not be as effective. You may want to stay cool by opening the banana leaf shutter and letting the sea air in.

Just because there aren’t things like a TV or a phone or air conditioning doesn’t make it any less beautiful. It only runs at low speed when the main generator is turned off at night to save electricity. However, because of strong sea winds, this should not be a big deal when you travel Chapwani Private Island.

Outside, there is a wooden patio with deckchairs. There is also a thatched parasol with your sun loungers right next to it, with a view of the sea behind it. At high tides, the water is so close that it almost laps at the edge of your balcony. Watching the sunset from the terrace is a great thing to do.

You can also bring your sun loungers to the beach and look for a private spot to sunbathe.

FACILITIES in Chapwani Island Zanzibar

There’s a lovely private island with a lovely lodge in the middle of it. It’s open-plan and has views of both sides of the island and the ocean. This might help you see how small the island is.

During the night, paraffin lights shine on the sand trails that lead to the bar, dining room, and lounge, all of which are decorated with Swahili antiques and blend in well with the nature around them when you travel Chapwani Private Island.

Because the lounge area has handcrafted furniture and soft sofas, it’s a good place to get away from the heat of the day. All over the place, there is a relaxed beach vibe. This is a welcome change from the Maldives and the Pacific Islands, which have long since lost their laid-back beach vibe.

They serve three-course set dinners with a strong Italian influence at the restaurant, which is right on the water’s edge and where Swahili cooks make the food. The Italian owners of the restaurant helped a lot.

Chapwani Private Island guide

Food and meals (Chapwani Private Island guide)

In some places, you can have romantic meals on the beach or have lunch delivered to your hotel room in Chapwani Island Zanzibar.

The food is very good and often includes fresh fish, crayfish, prawns, and other tasty treats. However, it is possible to have a steak once in a while. It doesn’t matter if you eat in a place like this. The food served here is safe, tasty, and well-cooked. Another thing you should know about the menu at Chapwani is that it changes every day. At a small, cosy lodge like this, there is a lot of choice and discussion about what to eat.

Whenever you travel Chapwani Private Island you must know about the Breakfast which can be ordered and includes fresh fruit, juices, bread, jams, and eggs cooked to your liking.

Many tourists choose the dinner/breakfast half board option so that they can see Stone Town and eat lunch somewhere else. If you just want to stay at home and relax, light lunches can be made for you on the premises as well, so you don’t have to leave.

It comes from a diesel generator that is turned on at night and off again in the morning, when it’s called for. A small generator keeps the lights on in the rooms running at full power all the time. So it is a great thing to be added in Chapwani Private Island guide.

Chapwani is spread out over 16 acres, and there are a lot of big old trees and coconut palms, as well as passion fruit and huge cacti.

It is on the southernmost point of the island, where there are a lot of little sandy coves and a huge sandy sandbank that shows up at low tide, so you can swim no matter which way the tide is going. You can swim there no matter what. So it is an important point to note in Chapwani Private Island guide.

On the north side, there are mostly reefs, with fossilised coral walls that rise 3 to 4 metres out of the water and are surrounded by plants. This side of the island has been shaped by the waves, and it looks very different from the other side of the island. During high tide, a little hole in the coral lets the sea come in and out. This makes a calm inland lagoon where swimmers can rest. A wide sandy beach can be seen on the southern side. There is usually a lot of dense forest in the middle of the island. This dense forest is crossed by a network of trails that run through it.

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There are many different kinds of birds that like to stay on the island because it is a place where they can rest. A group of egrets return to Chapwani, where they will stay for the night, from their feeding grounds on Zanzibar island in the evening. You can enjoy a drink at the bar during the day and look for Sundevall’s blue duikers, a rare native species that lives on the island in small groups (around sixty individuals).

Whenever you travel Chapwani Private Island you must know the dense vegetation on this island may explain why a colobus monkey has been living on this island for years. On his own terms, he swings from one tree to the next. He’s very shy, and he can only be found when he wants to be.

Dik-diks in Chapwani Private Island

Around 60 dik-diks, which are small antelope unique to Zanzibar, hide here during the day when it’s hot. They emerge in the evening to eat in the open fields nearby.

They also live in a tree at the southern end of the island, where they sleep during the day and fly away in huge swarms at night to the mainland. They return a few hours before sunrise to their tree.

There is a sea wall that protects the British seamen’s graveyard on the island’s southwest coast. It is small, but it is very important (see map). There are tombs with inscriptions that tell the history of tall ships and fights with Arab dows during the slave wars. The HMS Pegasus, which was the first shot fired in World War I, was sunk by the Germans. You will notice that there is a small cemetery on the island, which is why the island is called Grave Island in English. So it is a great thing to be notice in Chapwani Private Island guide.

During the Napoleonic Wars, British sailors who died at sea were buried in this type of grave. On the grounds, there are also gravestones for the crew of the HMS Pegasus, which was attacked by the German cruiser SMS Konigsberg in Zanzibar Harbor in 1914. Many of them died as a result of the attack. Even though the cemetery isn’t well kept, it has a certain feel and has interesting history that you should look into. You should go on a tour of the area so that you can read the inscriptions on the stones in Chapwani Island Zanzibar.

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There’s a long, sandy beach that goes on for more than 500 yards from here. It goes all the way to the island’s north end. People can go swimming for about eight hours out of twelve. The sand is fine and white. During low tide, the coral reef that surrounds the island can be seen. It shows cracks and pools in the coral that are home to a wide variety of colourful little sea creatures. Flying fish shoals can often be seen off the island’s coast, and dolphins can often be seen near the shore.

There are a lot of white egrets and other seabirds on the island’s Northern point in the early morning. Because the birds dive into the water all around you, they don’t even notice you.

There are two little coves in the northern part of the island that are completely private. They must be one of the most beautiful places on the whole island to spend a day on the beach alone.

At low tide, a small hole in some coral lets fresh water out, and at high tide, the natural pool is filled with more water. To get there, you have to go around the island to the north-east shore of Chapwani Island Zanzibar. This is another place where you can swim and sunbathe in a beautiful way.

Most of the North East coast is surrounded by jagged coral. There are only a few small, isolated bays that are only good for swimming at high tide to break up the monotony of the coast.

At night, the island looks very beautiful. lights from Stonetown can be seen far away in the sky above.

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On an island, there are a lot of little coves and sandy bays that are great for snorkelling, windsurf, and diving at the many interesting places nearby.

Because you can swim out from the shore at any time of day, this is also a great thing. A few places in Zanzibar allow you to swim all day, no matter how high the tide is. It is one of those places: Chapwani. It’s possible to go out on the reef when the water level is low. Fishermen there look for starfish, sea cucumbers, and other aquatic creatures, and you can help them.

Even though it looks like a simple island, it would be more of a dream vacation spot if there were no boats in the port at all times.