Exciting and amazing Havanah Travel Guide

For the first time in more than 2,200 years, a new look at the world’s seven wonders was done this year. There were almost 100 million people who voted on which new wonders should be built. The Great Wall of China was chosen by almost 100 million people. The Colosseum in Rome was chosen by almost 100 million people. Chichen Itza in Mexico was chosen by almost 100 million people. Everything about this city will be explained in this Havanah Travel Guide.

No, it was not easy to choose seven finalists from hundreds of candidates. Most countries could come up with a list of seven candidates on their own. A lot of good things have happened in Cuba, which is my specialty. Even the city of Havana itself has enough beauty and cultural history to make me want to write for a long time about it. A single planet can only have a limited number of things that are worth seeing. I’ll keep my list to seven things that are worth seeing when you visit Havana.

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The Seven Wonders of Havana

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In this place, there was a revolution (Plaza of the Revolution)

Political gatherings have been held in the huge square, which gives off a strong sense of the area’s history. Some important speeches by Fidel Castro and other well-known people on important days in the Cuban calendar have taken place on the platform in the square. Cubans have always shown up to see Castro, even though he’s known for his long speeches. Over the years, more than one million Cubans have seen him.

Towering over the area is the José Mart Memorial, which is named for a national hero who was killed during the Second War of Independence in 1895. People look at it from all directions. Tourists can ride a lift to the top of the 138-foot-tall building, which is the tallest point in the city. There is a memorial behind it. Fidel Castro’s office is a little way away. There is an iconic picture of Che Guevara on the Ministry of the Interior’s building across from them. It’s a must-see on every trip to Havana, and you can see it every time you travel to Havanah.

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At the National Museum of Fine Arts, you can learn about the history of the arts in the United States (National Museum of Fine Arts)

If you want, you can split this modern art museum into two separate parts. The Collección de Arte Cubano is all about Cuban art that was made between the 16th and 20th centuries. Still, the Collección de Arte Universal is dedicated to art from all over the world and has a much broader scope. It has art by Italian and French painters. There are also things from Latin America and ancient Greece in there, as well as some other things to when you travel to Havanah.

Cigar Making Facilities

One of the three major Cuban cigar factories in Havana might give you a better idea of why the word “cigars” is almost always used to describe the country. Visitors can go on tours of the three main factories and see the hand-rolled cigars being made right in front of them. From 1827 to this day, this is the country’s oldest factory when you travel to Havanah.

Partagas has a reader who reads aloud to the workers to keep them occupied. Partagas and the other two big cigar makers, La Corona and Romeo y Julieta, all have stores next to them where tourists can buy cigars to take home as a memento of their time in Spain and one of the great places in Havanah.

There is a museum called the Museum of the City (City Museum)

The museum is in the heart of Havana, and the treasures are kept in a building that dates back to before the revolution and brings back memories of a time when Cuba was not a Communist country. The building was the home of the island’s colonial rulers and the Captain’s General in the past. It is also one of the great places in Havanah to visit.

There are a lot of interesting things in the museum, which was built in 1791. They show how the city has changed over the years, from when it was first founded to now. Obviously, the museum spends a lot of time talking about the Cuban wars for independence, but it also has a lot of other exhibits that show the island’s art and culture, like porcelain and paintings. Folklore and archaeology are also on display.

The Capitolio National (National Capitol)

The Capitolio Nacional is an important landmark in the heart of Havana, and it is a beautiful building. There are many important things in this building, even though it looks like the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. It has a library and an academy for science.

In honour of its history as a home for members of the Cuban Congress, some of its rooms are also used for government events. A fake 24-carat diamond is buried in the floor beneath the famous dome. It is used to measure how far away Havana is from all of Cuba’s most popular tourist spots and places in Havanah.

Habana Vieja is the name of the city (Old Havana)

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Havana’s old city was built in 1519. It was a popular target for pirates, which is why the city walls have deteriorated but are still very strong. Museums, hotels, boutiques, and restaurants are all near the cobblestone streets of the old city, which has changed a lot in the last few years.

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The plazas have colonial buildings that have been carefully preserved and elegant churches that look like they belong in a magazine. The plazas are the perfect backdrop for Havana’s old city life as it moves through them. As a bonus, the region is home to La Bodeguita Del Medio, which became famous because Ernest Hemingway used to go there. So, I think it was necessary to put it in Havanah Travel Guide.

Museum of the Revolution (Places in Havanah)

What used to be the Presidential Palace and the headquarters of the Cuban government is now a museum about the revolution that took them out of power and forced them to leave. The outside of the building is still beautiful, but the inside has been changed to show artefacts, photos, and papers from the Cuban Revolution. A tank driven by Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs conflict and the boat that took Che Guevara and Fidel Castro from Mexico to Cuba in 1956 are two of the things that visitors see when they first arrive at the Museum of History. We can add it in one of the best places in Havanah to visit.

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There are a lot of fun things to do in Havana, Cuba, besides the main things to see there. Indeed, it is a great city. It has a unique mix of 1950s American and Caribbean culture that isn’t found anywhere else on the planet. Think about going to Havana if you want to. This list will help you get into the Cuban mood and learn more about the city’s long and interesting history. So thats why I added it in Havanah Travel Guide.