5 remarkable health benefits of Mint leaf: A magical herb

Isn’t it interesting? The addition of only one common herb to our diet may become highly beneficial for us. That’s why there are a lot of health benefits of mint leaf.

Are you a mint lover? Do you use Mint in almost every other food you cook? Are you looking for accessible ingredients to lose weight, improve your digestive system? Or Do you want to get rid of your frowsty breath?

If YES! Then you are at the right place. Here I’ll tell you only one ingredient; yeah, you guessed it right, MINT to eliminate all the problems mentioned above.

Lett’s talk about Mint

Mint (Mentha) benefits health in many ways. According to research conducted at the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Iran, Peppermint oil (Peppermint is an aromatic herb in the mint lineage) is known to have various health benefits, which includes Ulcer healing, Anti-bloat effects, Anti-obesity, Anti-cancer, Anti-diabetic activity, Reducing irritable bowel syndrome, Anti-headache, Reducing gastrointestinal complications. (1)

5  remarkable health benefits of Mint leaf
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Mint is supernatural! Let’s get straight into the health benefits of mint leaves ~ a magical Herb; 

Boons of Mint leaves for the Digestive system:

Mint is a wonder for all Gastrointestinal disorders. Mint has been used as an essential ingredient to relieve GIT disorders for various centuries. Mint possesses substances that increase motility, which increases gastric emptying; thus, improved digestion. It is a magical herb in relieving Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms as it contains menthol ~ an oil that has anti-bacterial properties and kills the bacterias in GIT causing IBS.

In the 19th century, Physician William Currie used mints as therapeutic herbs in his work on Cholera. (2)

Its antiemetic properties are of considerable importance as they can reduce nausea and vomiting. Outstanding health benefits of Mint leaves that prevent you from taking antiemetic medicines.

In the 16th century, Thomas Willis wrote recipes in his book “Willis’s Receipts for the Cure of All Distempers.” His recipes included the use of Mint as an antiemetic herb. (3)

Protip: You may eat a few Mint leaves daily to cleanse your digestive system.

5 remarkable health benefits of Mint leaf: A magical herb
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Benefits of using Mint as a Skincare product:

Mint has Salicyclic acid, which remarkably benefits the skin. Topical application of mint juice to your skin treats acne by profoundly cleansing the oil in the pores and reducing further oil formation. It has a significant role in unclogging pores, preventing blackheads and whiteheads from developing. It reduces redness and swelling on the skin. Salicyclic acid eases the exfoliation of dead skin cells.

So, Girls, what are you waiting for? Let’s stock up on MINT.

Moreover, Mint has a refreshing and cooling effect on the skin, which can elevate an individual’s mood. Several pieces of research confirm that many mint products produce promising results to treat dermatological issues. (4)

Protip: How to use mint leaves for skincare? Well! You can make a mint face pack using mint leaves, honey, and rose water and store it for accessible use. Please don’t use it daily until you are sure that your skin can handle it without irritation. Keep reading for more amazing health benefits of mint leaf.

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5 remarkable health benefits of Mint leaf: A magical herb
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Effects of Mint in Oral care: Proven health benefits of mint leaf

Many companies have widely used Mint for making mint-flavored chewing gums & breath mints. Various researches have shown that it can mask bad breath for a few hours. Other than using Chewing gums, eating fresh Mint can also reward this effect. People like to have it when they are going for a meeting, presentation, or doing business deals to make communication better and more confident.

Centuries ago, Abu Al Qasim Al Zahrawi recommended washing the mouth or gargling with mint water to alleviate the symptoms of swelling and erosion of the tongue, mouth, and throat due to the toxic effects of mercury. (5)

Due to these amazing oral advantages, it is included in health benefits of Mint leaf

Protip: Mint can mask the effect of foul breath, but it does not kill the bacteria causing foul odor in the first place. So, it is recommended to go for proper oral treatment to alleviate the frowsty smell in the mouth permanently.

5 remarkable health benefits of Mint leaf: A magical herb
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Drinking Mint tea for weight loss:

Mint has Menthol oil which has several antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. It improves the rate of digestion, thereby; increasing metabolism. The outcome of boosting metabolism causes the weight loss mechanism to begin. Moreover, drinking mint tea increases body temperature, thus; increasing metabolism. It causes a standard sweating mechanism to form, which aids in the weight loss process. Amazing health benefits of mint tea.

Protip: Add 1 tsp lemon juice to your peppermint tea to enhance its effects. Enjoy your weight loss journey! Nothing can be achieved if patience and hard work are not done in the first place.

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5 remarkable health benefits of Mint leaf: A magical herb
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Using Mint leaves for Enhancing Nervous power~health benefits of MINT leaf

According to many kinds of research, consuming Mint leaves enhances cognitive performance. It aids in increasing Alertness and retention. A report states that smelling mint leaves are beneficial in aromatherapy as the aroma of fresh Mint leaves reduces frustration, anxiety, and anger. It also can elevate an individual’s mood due to its strong scent.

Various studies have not confirmed the usage of Mint for improving brain function. One study reported that the aroma of Mint was refreshing and led to less fatigue but had no effect on brain functions. More researches are necessary to confirm the role of Mint in the improvement of brain function. (6)

Protip: Whenever you have a headache, you can try smelling fresh Mint leaves. It’ll help you overcome the pain symptoms. Several records have shown the use of mint leaves for relieving headaches. (7)

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5 remarkable health benefits of Mint leaf: A magical herb
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Mint has been used as a beneficial ingredient in the household as well as pharmaceutical interventions for centuries. Many philosophers and physicians have recommended the intake of Mint in a regular diet. It would be best if you attempted to make Mint an essential element of your diet. You may use it fresh or dried in culinary preparations, salads, or green tea. Whether you have a digestive disorder, acne-prone skin, or foul breath, you name it, and you can have it. All the problems can be addressed by incorporating only one ingredient into your diet, and that’s

Obviously! It’s MINT

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