Top 5 places to visit Brazil in 2021: A powerful guide to travel fanatics

If you are planning an exploration, Brazil is one of the great places to start with. It is heaven with rich cultural attractions and it’s the largest country in South America.

With some of the astonishing and calm beaches in the world, it has an outstanding art museum and jungle exploration and the throbbing rhythms of Rio’s Carnival.

In the top 5 places to visit Brazil this year, you can add Rio de Janeiro, Iguaçu Falls, Florianopolis,  Salvador’s Pelourinho, and Amazon Rain Forests among many others. In brazil tourism, covid plays a very destructive role, therefore, you can not think about going there, if you are not vaccinated yet.

In one visit you can not get the complete essence of Brazil because of its rich tradition and multiple tourist spots. Let’s have a look at why these places fall into the top 5 categories:

Rio de Janeiro

Just like the mesmerizing waterfalls in Pakistan Brazil also occupies some unique water fountains to entertain its dwellers. It is among the top 5 places to visit Brazil because it is considered one of the most captivating cities on Earth. Carnival, samba, bossa nova, Balneario beaches, and Christ the Redeemer are its famous landmarks. Christ the Redeemer, provides a fascinating view over Rio and falls under the famous Brazil Landmarks.

During its famous carnival, is the best time to visit this city, when Rio is reshaped into the party capital of the world. It is one of the best places to go in brazil for singles if you stick to tourist places and do not roam around.

Though honestly, there is no chance for you to go amiss in Rio de Janeiro; because the sound of samba and its famous landmarks have so much to explore. Make sure to visit the Maracana stadium to watch a football match – it always has a great atmosphere, even if you are not a sports person, it´s worth going there.

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Iguaçu Falls

The Iguaçu river drops strikingly into the ravine below where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet. These falls cover a wide area and some are 100 meters high. At a time, you cannot see all of them but from the Brazilian side, you can have a Panoramic view.

For a closer view, you can cross to the Argentinian side from catwalks that extend farther into the center of the falls. Both sides offer different views, therefore most tourists plan to see both. On your first visit, Iguaçu falls are among the safest places to visit in brazil.

The falls are secured by the UNESCO-acclaimed Iguaçu National Park, where subtropical rain forests provide shelter to more than 1,000 species of birds and mammals, including deer, otters, ocelots, and capybaras. Because of these reasons, it holds its position among the top 5 places to visit in Brazil.

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Florianopolis city is the capital of Santa Catarina state. It splits in two, with half of it on the mainland and the other half on an island. Due to this feature, it falls under Brazil landmarks. It has some of the most beautiful beaches, which makes it among the best states in brazil. Its relaxed feeling and assorted display of activities and charisma mean that there is something for everyone here.

Although recent development has ruined the seafront a bit, Florianopolis has managed to preserve much of its charm, with the cathedral and old market being particularly significant. With forty-two beaches and an escorted range of watersports, paragliding, and hiking; it is in great demand among the places in Brazil to live. All the above features keep this city the top 5 places to visit Brazil.

Salvador’s Pelourinho

The reason for this Brazil’s former colonial capital to fall in the top 5 places to visit Brazil, is due to its title from the UNESCO World Heritage site. Its beautiful Old Town exhibit such a pleasant display of 17th and 18th-Century colonial construction. Salvador is certainly a historical place in Brazil, which is located on All Saints Bay. During the carnival, it’s a lively and electrifying place, with rich Afro-Brazilian culture.

Highlights of Salvador are its Old Town with its cobbled streets, historic sites, and interesting museums. Its unique culture has a great impact on Brazilian society around the country.

amazon rainforest

Amazon Rain Forests

This forest was formed around 55 million years ago, which ranked its place in your checklist in the top 5 places to visit Brazil.

The light muddy water of the Rio Solimões meets the dark water of Rio Negro about 20 kilometers southeast of Manaus, before mixing as the Amazon, they flow side by side for about six kilometers. You can go to this point called Encontro das Agusa, meeting of the waters, through boat trips from Manaus.

The boat trips take you into the center of the rain forests and the web of lakes, rivers, and channels formed by the three rivers. In the Rio Negro, the Anavilhanas Islands form an archipelago with streams, lakes, and flooded forests that offer a full cross-section of the Amazonian ecosystem.

On your boat trip, you can see monkeys, toucans, parrots, caimans, sloths, turtles, and other wildlife. The Janauari Ecological Park, of area 688-hectare, is close to Manaus which has several different ecosystems that you can explore along its narrow waterways, by boat. Here an entire lake is covered with giant water-lilies found only in the Amazon region.

You can enjoy Carnivals, scenic beaches, historical places, pre-planned sites, places developed in the 17th and 18th centuries, Amazon Rainforest all under one boundary line. There are still so many beautiful and historical places in Brazil, which grabs your attention and hence I can say that you need more than one visit to enjoy them all.

Final Remarks

Well, brazil is covered with wonderful forests and waterfalls, we can not deny the fact it is one of the most exciting places to visit before you kick the bucket. From towering buildings to mesmerizing and jaw-dropping islands, one must give a chance and have a look at the top 5 places to visit Brazil.