Top 5 Raw Dog Food brands

Are you struggling to find the finest dog food for your pet? Then halt for a moment, we have enlisted the top 5 raw dog food brands for your ease.

Having a dog pet is an experience filled with entertainment every time. Whether cute little puppies or adult dogs, they somehow manage to amuse you with their adorable presence. Bringing forth dogs requires a great deal of care especially when it comes to choosing the best dog food. They are required to be fed a nutritious diet in a balanced manner.

Dog food types vary with the choices and availability. Markets are filled around with an exceptionally wide range of dog food in each category. It gets hard to choose one among the hundreds. Raw dog food is organic food that is not highly cooked. It is highly enriched with natural ingredients and nutrients among all dog food types. 

Top 5 raw dog food

According to pet food, a survey conducted by an all-natural raw pet food company revealed that almost 37% of pet owners feel interested in feeding their pets with fresh raw food. This is an enormous percentage of individuals that have their trust in raw foods.Let’s get straight into the best dog food brands for your dog without further ado.

Raw Dog food Brands:

From a variety of brands and companies, we have mentioned here the best dog foods that would add health and wellness to your dog’s diet. Below is the list of the top 5 raw dog food brands.

1. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw food:

Standing on the top of the list, Stella and Chewy’s products are the most popular and highly recommended. They can be found in a wide range of varieties and variations. For raw dog food, their top-selling product is chicken dinner patties which is frozen-dried raw dog food.

It can be fed to adult dogs of almost all breeds. This product is a unique mixture of essential ingredients in a way to fulfill the daily nutrient requirements of your dog.

The package includes;

  • Vitamin and mineral enriched food.
  • Raw chicken with high nutrient content.
  • Mixed with antioxidants to ensure health care. 
  • About 48% of proteins and 24% of fats for smooth flow of metabolic activities.
  • A lot of micronutrients along with essential elements.
  • Preservative and coloring-free.

This makes up a complete and balanced diet for your dog. Not only it ensures better growth but also the added probiotics save the pet from any adverse bacterial effect. The product has got a rating of 4.9/5 on Amazon which enhances its credibility and also relieves quality concerns.

2. Instinct Frozen Raw Bites:

Instinct is another great option with varieties in producing raw dog food. They are available with multiple options for your dog’s favorite food. Raw bites by instinct are grain and cage-free chicken recipes. It meets up the nutritional values for your pet in a balanced manner. All the raw mixtures by instinct are frozen and they have never undergone a cooking phase. This raw food claims to strengthen the muscles of dogs and makes them energetic and cheerful.

Here is the ingredient list for each package,

  • 85% of meat content with high protein levels.
  • Contains fruits, vitamins, and minerals in definite proportions. 
  • Excludes any grain, corn, wheat, or soy as a filler.
  • No added preservatives or artificial coloring.
  • Delicious feed for dogs to enjoy.
  • Suitable for adults of small, medium, and large dog breeds.

The mixed ingredients along with fiber content improve digestion. Instinct’s raw food is capable of promoting healthy gums, teeth, stronger lean muscles a boosted energy in your dog. This product has exceptional ratings of 4.5/5.

3.  Primal’s Chicken Nuggets:

This is a freeze-dried form of chicken nuggets. It brings you ready-to-eat food for your dog that doesn’t require you to chop or mix ingredients. Primal raw foods are very well known for their quality and are highly recommended by the buyers. 

They have raw dog food options in almost all types of meat with a delicious wholesome of balanced nutrients. Nuggets are highly enriched with proteins that work as a power booster to your dog’s health.

Here is what ingredient content says for the package,

  • Natural raw diet for all adult dogs.
  • Proportionally added proteins, fats, and fibers for optimized internal body reactions.
  • Contains unrefined minerals and organic vitamins for a nutritious diet.
  • Steroid and hormone-free chicken with calcium supplements.

Calcium content added in the meal is responsible for the growth and strength of bones and helps the absorption of minerals to the body. The “primal chicken formula nuggets” have got ratings of 4.5/5.

4. Merrick Backcountry’s Raw Infused Food:

This recipe falls in the category of raw infused freeze-dried dog food. The unique ingredient about this feed that makes it different from the above-listed products is BEEF. Beef is highly nutritive and every dog’s favorite meat. It comes with high protein content along with fats and amino acids. It sustains the immune system of the dog and upholds it for disease attacks.

The ingredients list includes;

  • Deboned beef along with lamb and rabbit meat.
  • Highly digestible and natural raw feed.
  • Includes freeze-dried raw and kibble bites.
  • Chicken, gluten, and grain-free recipe with keeping weight control checks.

An elevated amount of omega fatty acid develops a shiny coat and a healthier skin of the dog. Protein contents grow healthy muscles and bring energy and activities.

This product has been given a rating of 4.4 /5.

5. Sojos Complete Turkey Recipe:

This flavorful recipe is a freeze-dried raw mix. Its elements are turkey mixed with fruits and vegetables. They create an amazing contrast of all healthy nutrients in one place. Sojos Turkey recipe is all ready and can be fed with convenience.

Here is the ingredient list,

  • Turkey, proportionally mixed with vegetables and fruits.
  • Requires water only to mix.
  • No fillers or preservatives added.
  • Natural, pea-free, and non-GMO.

The delicious feed ingredients and the nutritive content are highly trusted by the pet parents. The product has been given a rating of 4.4 /5.

Final Words:

We tried placing all the top raw dog food brands for you in a concise manner. But remember, to maintain your dog’s health, you must consult a vet before adding new feed. It will help you to choose the best one in relation to your dog’s condition and vet’s recommendation. Be careful about trying any new ingredient without adequate knowledge and understanding. A little more attention can bring you a healthy and cheerful pet.


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