Why Emotional Intelligence is important for Leaders in 2021

Why Emotional Intelligence is important for Leaders in 2021
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Why the emotional intelligence is important for leaders in 2021? The answer is that the world is now not relying on the Intelligence quotient only but also believes in the Emotional quotient for leaders. Leaders with more empathy and emotional intelligence (EI) towards the situation can adapt and respond to the feelings of people working under them. A leader with high EI is more successful and contented in his life and wins the hearts of his team by setting an example.

Why Emotional Intelligence is important for Leaders in 2021

To recognize and manage their emotions even under stress

Leaders with High Emotional Intelligence possess these skills
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Leaders must be aware of their emotions, what prompts them, and how someone reacts to them. Responsibilities come with pressure and deadlines to meet. It’s obvious that tension trickles down from leader to subordinates. The team should not panic and stay composed to achieve the target with harmony.

A leader must be able to train his team to work under stress with positive energy and ideas. Leaders driven by their emotions will harm their own reputation as well as the organization’s image.

Handling emotions in the workplace is very important though because at the end of the day you need work done by your employees. Leaders with high EI have command of their emotions and expressions as well and they keep their employees first to maintain harmony in the organization. The leader with low EI will never give importance to employee feelings which will result in anger and damage.

To take responsibility for their decision (good/bad)

A leader who knows the importance of EI will not stick to mistakes done in the past. They take it as a lesson by thinking about the possibilities and improvement for future decisions. They take their failure as their opportunity in the future which makes them near to their target.

To become keen learners to be self-assertive

To keep oneself updated is the important trait of a leader with high EI. Learning never ends for them as they are prone to improvement in their life and behavior. They are very broadminded in the sense that they are keen to learn new things from anyone. They are not like conventional bosses who never listen to something out of the box. They jot down all ideas and select the best possible idea to do with the team.

They also encourage their team to learn new technologies, practices, and their competitor trends as well. This all process strengthens the positive energies in individuals for their well-being and inner satisfaction also.

Communicate without any ambiguities

The message delivered should be concise and complete without any ambiguity. Communication can be verbal or non -verbal but the message should be powerful enough to influence the team. There is always room for improvement and good listening is the key to excellent bilateral communication. Great leaders are always good listeners.

When we interact with our leaders, we are digging up the matter and providing the possible solution which in our perspective is right but during the conversation, we get the actual picture behind the scenes. During the listening process, we focus more on our response which deviates us from proper listening to the matter. The leader who know the importance of EI notes down the key points to answer them.

To empathize with others

To empathize with someone, you must know the person by name, their likes, dislikes, and their family. Everyone has family and issues related to their life which affects emotions and performance. A leader who knows the importance of EI always keeps an eye on the emotions/ behavior of his employee. This anticipatory action help to create the special emotion of understanding at the most needed time.

Leader with high EI always empathizes with themselves in other positions. When you take interest in your team and their issues in return, they will never let down you. This makes a strong relationship between the leader and his team. This emotion that our leader cares about our problems and will help us in every possible way will increase trust, dedication, and increase production.

To know the dynamics of the circle and act accordingly

Leaders with Emotional intelligence are good at anticipating the situation and the pros and cons of it to the environment of the organization. A leader with high EI is always ready to gain the confidence of his team in any risk or any upset by keeping them aware of the current situation. This skill makes a leader a savior who knows the dynamics of the team so when to command and where to go with them. Damage caused by rumors is irreparable because it spread like a fire and makes the situation worse than actual.

To resolve conflict by meeting a win/win model

Emotional Intelligent Leaders always live in present and don’t take past experiences as personal failure. They are also good at avoiding conflicts caused by others. They don’t cling to the feeling the way people treated them and the anger caused by it rather than that they take it as a chance of self-awareness to not come across it again. By turning over new leaf does not mean forgetting all and become fool again by the same person or in the same situation. One must be aware that being amiable is not a weakness, so don’t let someone underestimate you. Be pragmatic and use the bad experience as expertise to check people’s behavior and treat them.

Everything comes with its pros and cons so take conflict as an opportunity to cultivate intimacy with others. Conflict and disagreements are part of life. Two people will look at the same situation from their perspective. Two people behave in the same situation depending on their nature, needs, opinions, expectations, behavior, and many other factors. Conflict should be always resolved in a win/ win model so both parties will agree to an acceptable resolution that will benefit both parties. Conflict resolution is how to fight fairly with your opponent to meet the desired result.

Final Words

All these skills discussed above help in improving the personality traits and chances of advancement in career also whether you are working as an employee or as a Leader. Now in the end I will summarize that with the help of Emotional Intelligence one can experience these positive changes in personality

Final words
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Improvement in social skills with more empathy

Improvement in emotion recognition and handling

Better self-awareness and self-control

More effective conflict resolution

More thinking before acting

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