Why should we take Depression seriously? Complete guide in 2021

The question, why should we take depression seriously? carries a great weightage when it comes to bringing forth a peaceful mental health.

To live a balanced and healthy life, physical and mental health are equally responsible. Both these methodologies work side by side to create an equilibrium between a man’s body and brain.  Poor mental health brings about a number of ailments that can cause considerable damage to an individual’s normal life. One of the most severe outcomes is Depression.


Depression is a sort of mental illness that causes emotional disturbance with the approach of more negative thoughts. It creates a feeling of prolonged grief and unhappiness in the victim and generates restrictions to regular life.

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Here comes a crucial fact, why should we take depression seriously? Well, due to its unavoidable prominence, there are several factors to defend this burning question. 

First among these is its statistics to interpret whether depression should be taken seriously or not.

COVID-19 And Depression :

The world today is having an enormously large number of people going through depression. Cited by the World Health Organization, at this moment, more than 264 million individuals are suffering from depression. It makes up almost 3 to 4 percent of the entire world population.

The scenario got even worse after the pandemic outbreak. A bulk of people have been diagnosed with depression during COVID 19 outspread. Here is the statistical report of an increase in depression due to the novel Coronavirus by statista

The top three reasons for the increased number of depression patients during pandemic are as follows;

  • Financial Crisis

All the businesses around the world have gone through a major breakdown. This led to the unemployment rate of millions of workers. Poor monetary conditions made people concerned about maintaining their living standards. This continual series of thinking results in worry, anxiety, and eventually depression.

  • Isolation

People with multiple outdoor activities had been kept restricted to their homes. Those who used to stay out with friends were disappointed.

Loneliness caused them to fall prey to poor mental health. 

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Moreover, covid victims were kept in complete isolation that adversely affected them by a consistent flow of pessimistic thoughts within themselves.

  • Anxiety

It’s been noticed that during the pandemic, people around the world had been experiencing fear of being killed rather than the virus actually. This weakened their immune system to a considerable level. It created a sense of anxiousness, which served as a base for depression. 

These three factors determine the reason why should we take depression seriously. And why we need to take depression seriously?

To get knowledge about the hazards of depression, let’s analyze the effects of depression on the human body.

Adverse effects of Depression

Being a commonly known phrase, depression is mostly not given plentiful deliberation to get people to learn about its intended meanings. 

Depression disrupts the entire personality of the patients by affecting both their personal and professional life.

It imparts a negative impact on their mental health which ultimately disturbs their physical health. Among the list of effects, the most important ones are mentioned below. They will enhance the understanding of why we should take depression seriously.

1: Lowering of Energy levels.

Researchers have shown that negative approaches and thinking consume most of the body’s energy. They constantly consume the stored energy and lower down energy content for internal functioning.

 A person coping up with depression is in a state of a fight with himself. As the positivity and optimism end, the victims are more likely to fall for diminished potentials to be used for fair purposes.

2: Gloomy and Depressed Temper.

Depression is caused when persons continuously underestimate themselves and feel themselves not to be worth enough. It is a state of being in an inferiority complex. It leads to unhappiness and gloomy thoughts even without any reason. 

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Their unfair comparisons kill the joy of every achievement for them and make them prolonged prey of pathetic temper. It adversely affects their brain and body working thus placing an eternal gloom in the victim’s mind.

3: Sense of Displeasure.

Depression takes away the joy from favorite activities and recreations. It makes a man sad enough to find joy in any interesting thing.

 Depression makes the happiness and excitement fade away and is dominated by the persistent flow of displeasure for everything. It results in ever remaining boredom on their minds compelling them to keep going with their self originated demerits of their own.

4: Physical Impairments of Depression.

Though depression is a mental illness, it has a direct association with physical health and well-being due to dramatically interconnected systems of the body. Despite its severeness, depression is always going to create disturbances in the body’s physical working. 

It can cause body weight to drop to a significantly low level due to the bulk of anxieties going along. It also makes one feel lazy and inactive due to the constant flow of irrelevant and drastic thoughts. Depression also shifts the sleeping patterns of individuals from oversleeping to undersleeping.

These effects clearly depict why should we take depression seriously. It exhibits the need of hour to consider depression a disease.

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Depression exists in our societies from person to person. It is something that cannot be neglected. Yet, the victims of depression and mental illnesses have to face social stigma from their surrounding communities. It makes their condition even worse as they feel helpless to handle their disease and stigma side by side. The difficulties associated with the victim’s survival are enough to demonstrate that why should we take depression seriously.

Depressed people are the same entities as mentally stable people. It has nothing to do with one’s potential and capabilities if given enough confidence. Fortunately, there are several treatments and therapies available for depression. 

Depressed people need to come out of their miseries and should hold their hands lending help towards them. 

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The question should be raised at every awareness platform that why should we take depression seriously? 

Teachers should look after if any of their pupils is fighting depression alone. Families should recall why don’t parents take depression seriously for their children? Communities should ponder why is depression not taken seriously around them?

With such involvement from everyone from the society, not only we can break social stigma but can also create a depression-free world by contributing towards everyone.


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